Intro Art NewsConcert recalls beautiful childhood memories

With the theme Beyond Magic, the concert featured songs from films such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and How to Train Your Dragon.

Launched in 2016 by the Vietnam National Academy of Music, the concert aims to bring chamber music to young audiences and connect music to children’s beloved memories of films.

After the two previous concerts, the Concert of Childhood Memory has been a success with more than 3,000 tickets being sold. The event has also received 5,000 warm responses from audiences and music lovers.

Up to 8 more concerts of Childhood Memory are expected to be held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from now until end of this year./.


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Về chúng tôi

Intro Art được biết đến là đơn vị đầu tiên tổ chức chuỗi chương trình Hoà nhạc giao hưởng cháy vé ở Việt Nam mang tên Concert of Childhood Memory.

Liên hệ với chúng tôi

Địa chỉ:

Nhà 14, Galaxy 8, Ngân Hà Vạn Phúc, phường Vạn Phúc, quận Hà Đông, Hà Nội.

9 AM – 6 PM

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